Pirates of the Spanish Main: Here thar be Monsters

Alfie's Journal - 001

Getting off the Island.

Those sons of bitches from the Big House woke us up in the middle of the night and told us to go load up  a cart.  Why did they pick me?  I'm tiny compared to everyone else…except the funny little man.  I mean, I'm taller, but he outweighs me by a lot.  

Anyway, out we went into the night to load up a bunch of Rum and Sugar Cane.  Well, I started straight away because I didn't want no beatin' again.  And I saw what happened to Thatcher.  I'm going to have nightmares for weeks.  

Anyway, the funny little man starts dancing around and doing a little play or something, but I can tell he wants someone to get the keys to unlock the stockade.  I really didn't want to do it, but he seemed so insistent and nobody else seemed to understand.  Well, I walked over there trying to be casual, like I was going after Zarola and I was able to nick the keys while the two bad men were distracted.

Just as I walked back away from them, I heard a noise like thunder and suddenly the big wooden wall, I think it is called a palisade, was blasted open and one of the bad men got killed right off the bat.  The funny little man pretended that he was dying but I could tell he was just acting again.  I think I like that funny little man.  So, then Derry goes and starts punching the other bad man as I run up the hill to unlock the stockades.  That's when I see that one of them has a hole in it and Ol' Remus is staggering out with blood on him.

Well, I went and unlocked the other stockade and went with the Doctor to help out in the other stockade where people were hurt.  But then we had to run because the really big bad man and his horrible dog started coming down from the Big House.

We ran down to the cart and I helped Thatcher down there 'cause he's the only one that knows how to drive a cart properly.  I helped him in and jumped in the back.  Then we took off and started down the road.  We got shot at, but nobody got hit. We could see that there were a couple of ships in the harbour and they were firing on the Big House property and on the town.

We slowed down and Derry and I scouted ahead to try to find a ship.  Oh, that's right, Old Smokey said that we should find Wolverton and get on his ship and that it was a single masted Sloop.  Well, Derry and me, we looked at the first dock and there was a Sloop there but it was in a sad state.  The mast was all limp and hanging to the side.  

We ran back up to the cart to see if that was the right one, but Old Smokey said it wasn't, so we kept on looking.  The middle dock was on fire and all the docks had longboats filled with those bastard Spanish Dogs in them.  

We had to make our way through town to get to the third dock and everybody was trying to get their stuff and get away before the Spanish Dogs came and stole everything and burned the town down. I figured why not grab something on the way.  I was looking for something that might help us on a boat.  I saw a box and thought it might have something interesting in it.  I opened it up and it had a compass and a journal with a bunch of entries.  I can't wait to sit down and read it.

Well, we went right for the third dock and got in a fight with the Spaniards just getting out of their boat.  Derry sure is good in a fight.  He just punched them until they couldn't stand up.  I helped a little as did some of the others, but it mostly helped distract them so Derry could beat 'em up real good.

Finally we saw Wolverton and he was cutting his lines and casting off.  I knew he was our last chance so I grabbed a cask of Rum and ran as fast as I could toward him.  I started screaming to wait for us and that we have Rum on account of Old Smokey sayin' he was a drunk and liked his alcohol.  That brought him up short.  Some other guy started yelling at Wolverton that they couldn't accommodate all of us, and Wolverton told him tough and that we was getting on if we had rum.  

So, all of us brought on a cask of Rum and a real big black man stacked them up nice.  The yelling guy said that there wouldn't be enough room, so Wolverton had the big guy throw the yelling man overboard.

Now that we are onboard, I sure hope we can get away from those Spanish Dogs.



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