Young Filipino lad just hitting puberty with a penchant for collecting information and going unnoticed.


Orphaned at a young age, Alfie only knows the name Alfaro, which is actually his last name. However, people started calling him Alfie. Alfie is Filipino from the islant of Siquijor, where he gained a strong belief in omens, mysticysm and the supernatural. His only belonging is his anting-anting, the talisman he wears to protect him from harm.

While Alfie’s native language is Cebuano, he is adept at learning new languages and has picked up many of the languages spoken across the 7 seas.

From the time he spent on the sea, he picked up additional superstitions and now has a pet cat, Zarola, who is a large black cat with 6 toes on each foot.


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