System Basics

Rule basics

Your skill/ability die is rolled along with a Wild die (d6) for actions. The best value is used, they are not added.

If you roll the highest value on a die it "explodes", meaning you can reroll it and add it to your total skill check. Example: Roll a 6 on a d6, reroll, get a 2, your skill check is 8 (a success and 1 raise). 

A 4 is the target number for nearly every skill check. A raise (rolling +4 on the target number) usually signifies great success. The situation may provide modifications, for better or worse, on the target number (range, darkness, moving platform, complementary skills, aid from a colleague, etc.)

Melee combat is settled by comparing the fighting skill roll to an opponent's parry (a derived stat). Ranged combat has a target number of 4 (+/- any modifiers).

Order of Actions during combat are  determined by a deck of cards. Suit and value of the card determine your initiative. A joker beats out everything and supplies a +2 bonus to your actions and damage for that round.

A character can move their pace and perform an action on their turn. Actually, they may perform as many actions as they want on their turn but, each one taken beyond the first makes everything done harder. Rushing and trying to do too much at once can make everything fail. 

Every player (including the GM) receives chips or counters called bennies at the start of each game session. They can be used to reroll a skill/ability check or soak damage. Extra bennies can be earned throughout game play for various reasons (problem solving, role playing, amazing events,  getting pizza,  etc)


Optional Setting rules

Some optional rules added to this setting to increase the tension and action for this conversion can be found within the Savage Worlds Deluxe book.

Critical Failures means that a double 1 cannot be rerolled, even with a benny. You are stuck with the Crit fail.

Gritty Damage can be used to add drama by rolling on the injury table when wounds are suffered. In order to offset the potential deadliness of this setting rule, the “golden hour” rule has been eliminated. Agents may take a beating, may limp their way through a mission, but in the end they come back for more….usually.

Jokers Wild is used to keep the action high flying and fast paced. Anytime a Joker is dealt during combat or chases everyone gets a free benny…of course this includes the GM.

No power points is described on page 109 of the Savage Worlds Deluxe book. Basically, instead of tracking power points, the cost of a spell is turned into a negative modifier on the skill roll. This allows for more flexibility but failures are much harsher.

House rules
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System Basics

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