The Ship

Chain Breaker

Ship type/Masts: Crumster/3 masts

Acceleration: 2

Top Speed: 5

travel Speed: 3

Handling: -1

Toughness/wounds: 16 (4) / 3

Crew: 8 (+30) Requires 8 sailors or suffer a -2 to group boating rolls. Can Accommodate up to 30 passengers.

Cargo Space: 8 (Cargo space can be converted to hold 2 cannons)

Guns: 10 – 8pdr Cannon (8), 4pdr Cannon (2 – Takes up half the space), Bowchaser (2 – takes up half the space) See Manifest for Ammo availability. 

Edges/Hindrances: Overgunned (1) – Add 2 guns without sacrificing Cargo space

Crew ("C" indicates a d6 in boating which counts towards group boating roll, "G" indicates possible gunner):

NPCs (6):

Smokey ( C ), Thatcher ( C ), Mr Hands (Carpenter, C), Domingo (C, G), Pedro (C, G), Diego (C, G)

PCs (7):

Matthais (Doctor), Dunno (C, G), Alfie (Cabin Boy), Joseph (Cook and Surgeon Assistant, C), Mack (Carpenter, Gunsmith), Derry (Quartermaster, C), Hamlet (Captain, C, G)

The Ship

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