Pirates of the Spanish Main: Here thar be Monsters

Alfie's Journal - 003

Time to sell our stuff

I got to know the Spanish Dogs and found that they aren't really so bad.  They just seem like everybody else after all.  Maybe it is just the important Spaniards that are the dogs?  I'll have to think about this some. 

Well, we spent three days in that cove getting things ready.  We had to make some dye to cover up the Spanish colors on Chain Breaker.  Oh yeah, we named our ship the Chain Breaker on account of it being our way out of slavery.  I think it is a pretty good name.  OH, and we came up with a good name for the captain that should inspire fear.  Instead of "Funny Little Man" or "Hammy", we now call him "Captain Redmist" on account of him turning a pirate to nothing but red mist after he hit him dead on with the cannon.  It was really impressive shooting. I didn't know you could be that accurate with a cannon.  Then we elected Derry to be the Quartermaster, but I like calling him the Puppet Master because of the funny thing he did with the Spaniard where he shoved his hand up the top half of him and pretended to make him talk.  Oh, and Matthias took over the surgery.

So anyway, we created this terrible bad smelling dye to cover up the colors on the sails.  Unfortunately, now our ship smells like fish guts.  It is really disgusting.  I have to eat at the front of the boat while we are sailing so I don't smell it so much. 

From the loot we found, we split up 500 of the pieces of 8 and gave each of us original slaves 50 pieces.  We called it the Slave's Share on account of us all being slaves until we took that ship.  Then while Dom and I were inventorying everything and creating a new manifest, I "found" the lockbox with 300 pieces of 8 worth of loot. Derry and the Capt. thought it would be best if we did find something.  It would make everyone else feel better and it did.  The Capt. and Derry are real smart.

The last thing we did before setting sail for Nassau was write out the articles and all sign them.  Even the Spaniards signed them, so I guess they are part of the crew now.

We made way to the port in Nassau and we thought everything was going to be fine.  I was on the Mermaid's Trumpet with Wolverston and when the longboat approached us with Jimmy, he's one of Guthrie's men, everything went fine, but then he approached the Chain Breaker.  That's when everything went bad.  Well, mostly bad for Jimmy, but we had to deal with stuff too.

Jimmy and his men row up between our ships and ask about our ship and our captain.  Capt. Redmist starts introducing himself and talking to Jimmy.  Oh, we didn't know he was named Jimmy yet.  Anyway, Jimmy starts laughing really hard at the Capt. Derry didn't like this so he jumped off of Chain Breaker and punched Jimmy with his elbow real hard on the way down.  I didn't even know you could punch with your elbow.  I need to talk to Derry about how to fight better.  He's so good at it.  I loved when he pretended to be a puppet master with that Spaniard when we took the ship.  It sure scared the other Spaniards a lot.  I don't think I'll ever scare anyone, but if there's any way I can learn, I'm sure Derry can teach me.

What was I saying?  Oh yeah, so Derry jumps down at least 20 feet from our deck to the longboat below us and punches Jimmy with his elbow.  Then he just stands up.  I mean, Derry stands up, but Jimmy doesn't move every again.  Then Derry asks if anyone else has anything they want to say or if they have any more jokes or want to laugh at the Capt.  One brave…no, one stupid man hits Derry with an oar, but it broke on his chest.  Derry looked at him for a second and then just hit him real hard.  He hit him so hard he knocked him clean off the boat.  I didn't see him move later either.

The other two men were smart and they jumped off the boat and started swimming.  That was when Wolverston said that this was bad on account of them being Guthrie's men.  None of us know who Guthrie is so we asked.  Wolverston said that she ran the island and if we wanted to be able to sell anything on the island it would be through her. 

Well, the rest of the guys decided that they didn't want word to get back to Guthrie about these four men, so they shot the other two and they didn't move again either.  Dun’know had jumped in the water to swim after them, but then there was so much blood, he got afraid of sharks and swam back to the boat.  He and Derry got back on Chain Breaker and they tied up the longboat and we sailed in as far as we could.  Then we got in our own longboats and rowed in to the docks.  Derry also told the men staying on the ship to get rid of Jimmy's body before we got back.

As we got close to the docks there was some men waiting for us and said that we had to talk to Guthrie. Then they made us give up all our weapons.  We went with the men to meet with Mr. Mills.  We had to meet him first and he is the guy that really helps out Miss Guthrie, especially with the warehouse full of stuff and all the people that sell for Miss Guthrie.  Oh yeah, it turns out Guthrie is a woman, but she sure is tough.

Anyway, we end up talking to Mr. Mills and Miss Guthrie and she offers us a deal.  We can either:

  1. Leave, but good luck selling or resupplying anywhere because she has holdings in Port Royal and knows people all over I guess.
  2. She sinks our ship.
  3. Our first time selling we have to sell at half the value that Mr. Mills and us agree on.  So if we have 1,000 pieces of 8, then we have to sell it to them for only 500.  Also, we have to pay another 1,000 pieces of 8 or 500 and return the longboat. 

We decided that the third option was the best one.

We all went back to the ship to start bringing most of the supplies for sale across.  There were a few for specific orders in Port Royal, so we are going to take those to make the full payment. Derry gave some of the men different orders and had some stay on board the ship and a couple to setup a fuck tent for after all the work was done. He sent Dun’know to get some women for the fuck tent. After looking at everything, Wolverston figured that the value of everything was 1,400 pieces of 8.  Mr. Mills said that it was only worth 900. Derry laughed at it and so did the Capt., so I laughed as well.  I said that maybe that was the half price number, but Mr. Mills said it wasn't.  Wolverston had been negotiating for us, but he was doing a horrible job.  We thought that someone that did this for a living would be a lot better at this stuff, but it turns out he isn't.  He's real good at eating and drinking though.  Oh and patting his head with a handkerchief.  Luckily, the Capt. jumped in and started pointing out some of the better items we had for sale and Mr. Mills reconsidered and offered us 1,200.  It wasn't as much as it was worth, but we wanted to be done with it, so Derry and the Capt. accepted the amount. 

We told Mr. Mills that we had the longboat, so that meant after the sale, we had a 100 piece credit.  We decided to use it to get new sails and a new pirate flag.  We left the warehouse and headed to the inn. When we arrived, we found that Matthias had already arrived and gotten us a table.  We all got some food and drink and started talking about needing more crew members.

I figured I could walk around and since people don’t notice me that often, I could hear what people were saying about us and if anyone was looking for a new ship to crew.  I heard a lot of things about us actually.  Some were pretty accurate, like the story about the Capt. shooting someone with a cannon, but others had no clue.  Some people didn’t really like Jimmy and thought that he got what he deserved, but another guy said that Jimmy owed him 10 pound and was gonna get that money back one way or another.  Finally I found a table where people were talking and they weren’t happy on the ship they were on.  As I was leaving another couple people came up to the table and joined them and they were all complaining about their ship.

I went back to our table and let Derry and the Capt. know what I had overheard.  Derry and I got up and went to get a round of beer for the table, but for some reason, they wanted to charge him a lot of money for the beers, so I told him not to worry about it.  I think that Derry was trying to flirt with that really ugly barmaid, but sometimes he can look real scary.  Although now that I think about it, he may have thrown up in his mouth a little when flirting with her.  I don’t think she liked that.  I suggested we just go up to the table and talk to them and offer to buy them a round of beers.  Then maybe we will have a different barmaid that isn’t scared or grossed out by Derry.



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