Ship: Chain Breaker


  • assorted coin/treasure in general fund – $300

Cargo Spaces: 8, Placed full market value when applicable. Most places will not buy at full value without successful rolls.

Provisions: 320 Powder&Shot: 8pdr – 30, 10 Chain 
  Powder&Shot: 4pdr - 40, 10 grape; bowchaser – 20
  1/2 Special Delivery to Port Royal (Assorted heirlooms/post/packages $50 anywhere, or $250 in Port Royal)


Provisions: Each point represents 1 day worth of food/water and other supplies (fruit, etc) for one man. Value $1.

Powder and shot: each Cargo space hold enough for 25 shots of 16pdr, 50 shots of 8pdr, or 100 shots of 4pdr/bowchaser 


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